Q1 and Q2 2022 [LIVE]
  • NFT update
  • Auto-import from over 10 chains
  • Multiple portfolios
  • Grand Unified Portfolio
  • Multiple watchlists
  • Complete overhaul of backend
  • Migration to faster infrastructure
  • Covalent decentralized API integration
  • Precious metals tracking
  • Community partnerships with multiple NFT projects
Q3 2022
  • More wallets and token types
  • EPNS push notifications for on-chain events
  • API connections with brokerages and exchanges
  • Mutual funds support to increase TAM
  • Soft-launch of State Library, the educational and content platform built in to Stox in webview
Q4 2022
  • Creation of the Stox DAO and voting systems
  • Chainlink oracle integration for automated payouts
  • Web3auth implementation
  • Moving the company to a crypto friendly location
  • In-app non-custodial wallet creation
  • Trading contests and reputation system
Q1 2023
  • Private key import
  • Stox Swap
  • Launch of the in-app State Library
Q2 2023
  • Yield farming update & in-app pools
  • In-app fiat crypto purchases
  • Further service partnerships to rapidly increase TAM of web3 projects
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