What is Stox


Stox is the front-end of DeFi for retail investors, built by retail investors, on the Avalanche blockchain. The platform is built around a holistic, all-asset, global investment portfolio tracking and social investing native mobile app where all of the complexity of web3 services is simplified into one beautiful UI and exceptional customer support.

The Motivation for Creating Stox

As retail investors ourselves on both legacy and digital markets, we were frustrated with available portfolio tracking solutions. Competitor investment tracking solutions on the market fall short in multiple areas:
  • Too complicated for everyday investors
  • Heavy early venture funding that misaligns stakeholder incentives
  • Catering to only one type of investment and not being mobile native in an industry where 20% of trades are made on mobile in US and 43% in Korea
  • The social aspect of investing is neglected, and no solution exists to incentivize p2p investing talks. Current solutions focus on social media like investment idea sharing but no viable monetization mechanism for creators or curators alike.
These problems multiply when a user onboards to DeFi, where all services are scattered with no UI/UX harmony, a high number of scams, self key-management, multiple exchange accounts and wallets while most onboarding processes stop once the user deposits their first balance.
Last modified 1yr ago