Good Incentivization

Primer on Attention Economy: We highly advise you to read the Basic Attention Token whitepaper (link). It explains the basis of the incentivization system of Stox and it is (in our humble opinion) one of the best whitepapers ever written.

Our incentivization model is based on an intellectual fork of the Coase Theorem. The amount of content on and about both CeFi and DeFi is endless. Most of the content produced are useless, wrong, or straight out malicious.

TOX model focuses on providing a positive sum play for three main stakeholders:

  • Creators: Creating valuable content for the ecosystem

  • Consumers: Interacting with Stox by giving attention or providing value for our Providers/Partners

  • Providers/Partners: Providing infrastructure for DeFi products

On top of monetizing attention, we bring another revenue layer by giving our Providers access to a userbase outside DeFi's current reach due to technicality of current UXs.

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