TOX Token and DAO

TOX is the interest-bearing governance token of Stox which will be available on the Avalanche mainnet.
TOX has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 and 150,000,000 (15%) of the tokens will be distributed as staking rewards.
TOX staked on mainnet has the following functions in addition to staking rewards, minting sTOX on the subnet:
  • TOX token holders will gain free lifetime access to premium features of Stox based on their Tiers. Stox is a free service and the parts necessary to track investments and interact with the metaverse using our in-app tools will always continue to be free. However, advanced functions require a monthly subscription. Tiers will be designated by Stox but will be open to amendment by popular vote.
  • All TOX token holders will have decision making powers in the evolution of Stox. A decentralized autonomous organization consisting of TOX token holders will contribute to the ongoing development of Stox through voting on strategy and feature decisions such as changing ratios, thresholds, and strategies.
  • We will require our business partners and infrastructure providers to hold and stake a certain amount of TOX based on the volume we route to them. Other than creating supply constrictions, this will also give Stox legitimacy and known, verifiable holders.